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Reasons Why College Students Need A Computer

    Everything sounds great. You're going to college. The university has hundreds of computers at your disposal with computer labs spread out throughout the campus. You should have no problem typing papers, researching topics on the university's high speed Internet network, or e-mailing your friends... that is, until the other 10,000 or more students show up. The next thing you know the computer labs are all packed, the printers are either broken or out of paper, or the university network is plagued with a computer virus and all of the campus systems are down. Of course this will all happen just as you need to print out that 15 page report due in the next few hours.

Let's face it, every college student needs a computer... their own computer. There are hundreds of advantages to having your own computer while in college, but I'll just cover a few major ones:

  1. Personalization: There's nothing like having a computer that's just for you, with your stuff on it, and everything placed in a comfortable position just for you. Unless you're more comfortable typing reports and conducting research in a computer lab full of people, having a computer of your own in the privacy and (usually) quiet of your dorm room or apartment can help you be more productive while working on course work.

  2. Data Security and Safety: Most university computer labs do not allow students to save their data to the hard drives of the computers, and require students to save their information to floppy disks. Truthfully, floppy disks have a limited life. Since the hard drive of a computer isn't usually subject to the outside environment (temperature, magnetic fields, & water) as much as floppy disks are, the fail rate of floppy disks is much higher. By having your own computer you can save data on both the hard drive of your computer and a floppy disk.

  3. Printing: For when the campus printers break because the guy in front of you made 500 copies of the flier design for his party on Friday night. Quality ink jet printers are inexpensive and usually cost between  $50 to $150. Black ink cartridges are usually about $20, and if your printing is pretty average, one should last you a full semester.

  4. Software- the ones you want: Of course the campus computer labs are not going to allow you to load your own version of Microsoft Word, Power Point, Yahoo Instant Messenger,  or Metal Gear Solid 2. If you have your own computer you can load any software you like.

  5. Computer Lab Hours: Some campuses have gone to leaving their computer labs open twenty four hours a day because of the demand. However, many professors like to assign projects over holidays when the computer labs aren't open. Also, if you live off campus, getting to the computer lab may be a hassle.

  6. Internet -On demand: Just like anything else that's available when you want it, the Internet is available when you want it on your own computer system. If you're living on campus, check with the housing department to see if the university offers a high speed Internet service. If you're living off campus or your university does not offer in-dorm high speed Internet service, check to see if a campus Internet dial-up number is provided for enrolled students. If neither is provided, you may want to subscribe to a Internet Service provider either by a 56K modem dial-up, or via a broadband (high speed) service. (And try to avoid AOL if you can).

  7. Small Dorm Room... No problem: Many people don't realize how small their dorm rooms are until they move all of their stuff in. Between the TV, VCR, DVD Player, and Stereo  you may have lost half of your room's floor space... and your roommate still has to move in his or her stuff. No problem. All of that can be compressed into one device if you like. Today, a computer can be built with a DVD-ROM w/ DVD movie player, TV Card for watching television on the monitor (or as you use other programs on the computer) and recording TV programs, and stereo computer speakers with a subwoofer. Wow, that saved a lot of place, too bad they haven't made a computer  with a free washer and dryer yet.


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